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Hungarian Artist Proposes
Puskas Memorial Glass Mural

Bela Turai, better known as Will Turey and living in Bethel, Ct., visited Budapest, Hungary for the first time during Thanksgiving week 2006.

Four days before he left the U.S. (11/17/06), Turai read about the passing of Ferenc Puskas, the Hungarian soccer great.  While in Budapest, Turai decided to pay his respects to the Puskas family, but was informed that the memorial services for Puskas would not be until December 9th. 

Why was this artist so interested in Ferenc Puskas?  A few years ago, Peter Gogolak, the Hungarian soccer player who was the first soccer style place kicker to play football in The National Football League of America (Gogolak played for the New York Giants in the 1960's), introduced Turai to the book "Puskas on Puskas".  Thus, a seed was planted for new inspiration for a future work of art.

Turai has been creating life size sport, dance and musical figures in glass since the 1970's.  His murals read like a who's who list - Muhammad Ali, Pilobolus Dance Troupe and Louis Armstrong to name a few.

After reading the book on Puskas, Turai was inspired to create a mural of someone from his native Hungary, namely, Ferenz Puskas.  After all, Puskas was Muhammad Ali, Michael Jorden and Babe Ruth all wrapped in one - probably the greatest Hungarian athlete of the 20th century.  Upon Puskas's death, the Brazilian soccer legend Pele (who most people consider the greatest of them all) was quoted as saying that " Puskas was the best that the football world has ever seen."

The artist has proposed to create a memorial glass mural of Puskas for the people of Hungary. All that is needed is a proper place for the mural and a sponsor.  The artist is presently searching for a donor, and after a preliminary study, has come up with a possible home for the mural - St. Istvan's (St. Stephen) Basilica.

It is here that Puskas  was laid to rest with other Hungarian dignitaries of the past in the tombs below the basilica.

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